My first post…

After much procrastinating I’ve decided that it’s about time I got my own blog. I’ve guested for RE:Online and written for others but now seemed as good a time as any to claim some space on the world wide web as my own.

Why the cursed fig tree?

I was in the staff room the other day discussing figs with some non-RE colleagues, as you do. I mentioned the story in Matthew of Jesus cursing the fig tree and it transpired most weren’t familiar with it. You can read the story along with some ‘interpretations’ here:

As a story I find it fascinating even if it makes no sense. This nicely sums up why as an atheist I teach RE.

What’s the picture all about?

The photograph has been the background of my twitter profile for the last few years. It was taken in 2008 while walking around Phnom Penh. I assume it was the office of a Cambodian government department but I didn’t venture in. If there is one thing RE teachers love arguing about its what their subject is ‘for’ and what it should be called. Well ‘cults and religions’ does it for me!

Coming soon… my first main post is going to be a review of my last seven years as Head of RS (I’m moving schools in September) and what I would have done differently if I was starting out again.


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